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E- Team originates in the eighties as a supplier of electromedical companies, then emerging, in the territory of Modena plain. He has changed name and technology to remain competitive and up to date, preserving the values of responsibility, accountability and professional honesty as they were on a mission.

E-TEAM is the experience of ELEC.TEAM contractor electronics manufacturer and producer of electromechanical TECNOTEAM contractor.


 In particolare:

> Electronics

Production of electronic circuits, assembled complete with electronic devices, electrical wiring and controls, re- production of circuits wich are out of production, processing cabling rows in electronic circuits and transformations of traditional electronic circuits in SMD circuits. Besides taking care of the design and acquisition of materials in compliance with RoHs 2002/95, we are able to realize sampling and feasibility studies for small quantity. Room BURN-IN 40C ° 3 m.



> Panels and electric boards

Construction equipment and electrical panels with acquisition of all materials, the purchase as carpentry, galvanized or stainless steel, assembly, installation, rivets and welds. We handle also the installation of mechanical parts and pneumatic. We carry out electrical systems on board machine, electrical control panels (master), car interior panels (slave) and assembly of machines with max size pallets (euro pallets)




> Wiring

We manufacture cables and cabling simple and complex interfaces and power connections, signals for the automation areas, electro-medical, food, agriculture and data transmission. Multi rows wirings for distributors and equipment, wiring for microelectronics, military connectors or similar high environmental protection, potting and testing cables

We also provide advice on the use of cables and connections.




> Design

We handle feasibility studies and product industrialization, research, plans for the supply of raw materials and advice in general.






> Earthquake 2012

It 's true that an earthquake can be understood only guessing. The noise of the falling stuff, the surprise, the total impotence and the thought of escape are outside all our logic. Then a moment later distress for other people, relatives, friends, acquaintances and your heritage, your work.

Take a few seconds to destroy the activity of a company (not its financial exposure). We were very lucky because our structure has resisted, although for three months (June-September 2012) we had to operate in a particularly difficult situation.

We learned a very important lesson:

To secure supplies and tranquility of the future, not just knowing how to do things well and have good insurance. First of all, you have to be there and ensure continuity. The market waits for no man and the misfortunes of someone are the fortunes of another.
We have learned to ensure the safety of our knowledge, our data and expand partnerships.

All members of the group, individually, deals expertly with all the problems and all the practical skills in the group, specializing in their own contribution, but remain aware of other specializations that help to build the group's activities.
This is to reassure those customers with whom we have a strong partnership or strategic supplies.

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